Bosslogic's art isn't just awesome, it's an audition

On Spetember 5th, news broke that Henry Cavill would play Geralt of Rivia in Netfilx’s new ‘Witcher’ series and a contributing factor to Cavill’s inclusion was the artwork by Australian creator Bosslogic.

The artist himself took to Twitter to question the confirmation of Cavill’s casting, which Netflix replied “you just made SUCH a compelling case, we couldn’t say no”.

Although Showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich confirmed (via her Twitter) that Cavill was her first and only choice, even before writers or script had materialised, it was Cavill himself that fanned the flames of speculation about the role by (you guessed it) sharing Bosslogic’s art a month before.

What can seemingly be passed off as coincidence is becoming more widely seen as pre-auditions; a glimpse of what might be and whether the community of fans respond positively.

Much of his artwork is picked up by various entertainment sites and used as news;, MovieWeb and HeroicHollywood (just to name a few) have all employed his different characterisations, all of which feature known actors in new and inspired roles.

Cavill might be the first you’ve seen to receive the digital Picasso’s touch but he is not. Joe Manganiello was gifted the role of ‘Deathstroke’ in DC Film’s ‘Justice League’ because of the Australian’s artwork.

Gizmodo reported in June that Manganiello himself expressed the revelation at the Melbourne Oz Comic-con. Jon Berg, Warner Bros co-president of production at the time, googled the character, found Bosslogic’s work and held in high regard when considering the actor.

Whatever your take, inspired artist or pre-audition curator, it cannot be denied that the visuals of Bosslogic have started to have an influence on the decision making process for those in Hollywood.

*Disclaimer: All artwork used via direct permission from Bosslogic

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