5 Ways you're using your smartphone incorrectly

It’s inherent in people today to use their smartphones for everything. It seems, however, that some of us have been using them incorrectly.

So what are you doing wrong? It could be one of these 5 things:


Leaving your phone on the charger overnight is a common misconception, which can have disastrous results. The phone’s battery can overheat, causing the inability for it to hold charge, or worse – the heat produced can cause the battery to bubble, and in some cases, explode. A simple mistake which can be easily remedied, and possibly save you hundreds of dollars.

Push Notifications

Your smartphone is an exceptional device, and can often mimic the functionality of a laptop. However, it is not a laptop, so having multiple notifications pop up on the screen drains the battery. We all love to be well informed, and having notifications alert you of current news or events is an extremely handy tool, BUT! Having a bombardment of notifications is not good for the device, so only select the important ones.

Turn off your phone

A seemingly simple notion, but you only have to check your phone’s activity from the past 6-12 hours to reveal the answer – we hardly ever give our devices a rest. Having any electrical product on constantly is no good for its sustainability and burdens the battery. Take time to switch your smartphone off at least once a day, and make the long journey into the outdoors.

Use the correct charger

Another easy mistake, bringing terrible consequences. The charger made for the iPad cannot be used for the iPhone because both are designed for different devices. The charging chords are not in question, only the wall sockets – thus if an iPad charger, specifically made to charge a larger battery, was used to charge an iPhone, it would over charge the battery and possibly cause irreparable damage. The same brand does not equate to the same device.

Turn off your GPS when not needed

Information and updates are on constant alert when GPS is enabled on your smartphone. This is not just for the dedicated Maps app either, any app using your location services will have this system working overtime. In order to boost the productivity and longevity of the device, disabling the function in some (if not all) apps should be of top priority.

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