About The Nerd Reserve

One-stop blog for all things nerd!

I started The Nerd Reserve back in 2015 as a collection of movie, game, technology, and general nerd reviews.  

I studied journalism at Sydney's Macleay College, I am a father of two, and I am fanatical about all things nerd.

I currently write for Borrowingtape (borrowingtape.com), Novastream (novastreamnetwork.com) and have my own podcast - The Nerd Reserve (found on iTunes and Soundcloud) - with college friend Victoria Cotman (Twitter - @VictoriaCot). 


When reporting, reviewing, podcasting, or just writing about these areas I am passionate about, I find myself in a unique position - old enough to remember what life was like before the tech boom, young enough to still be entrenched in it.


I strive to imbue my work with passion, care and (most importantly) impartiality.

I try to be clear, fair and subjective with everything I produce.

To not welcome constructive criticism is to be naive, and not to engage in debate on topics of interest is to ignore others and their points of view - so I welcome both.

I don't pretend to be a wealth of knowledge or be the ultimate authority in these areas either, so don't hesitate to correct me - as learning is cyclical in nature .

What I can promise you, if anything, is a good read (and a good listen).

I hope you enjoy.